Sleep, Glorious, Elusive, Sleep

Ahh, another thing I used to take for granted now treasure….SLEEP.  Real sleep, snore, dream, through the night sleep.  I often feel like I am awake more than asleep.  Ironically, sometimes, I am not exhausted the next day.  Maybe we just require less sleep at this age and haven’t learned to adjust our sleep patterns.  However, too many days of sleepless nights makes one very foggy, unhappy lady.  It affects my ability to focus and process information which is so frustrating.  Of course, this usually happens during the work week so I can’t even try to take a nap.  

I am fortunate that it is not too extreme for me but I have several friends where they are in a sleep crisis.  One in particular is at the end of her rope, after exhausting all natural options, she finally caved a tried a prescription sleeping pill.  This had the reverse affect and had her hyped up all night.  Has anyone found anything unconventional that helps: acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, etc.  


The Heat Is On!




Earlier this past summer, I was driving my car when I was overcome my an intense heat.  I thought, “oh no, am I having a hot flash?”  You can only imagine my relief when I realize I had accidentally hit the button on my seat heater.  My prized option I had to have when I bought this car.  

Fast forward to October, now the hot flashes are real. Once again, riding in my car and the heat hits.  I look and to my dismay, no light on the seat heater button.  They became frequent and intense, interrupting my sleep.   I had heard some reviews about a menopause supplement from GNC.  I have been on them a week and I am starting to notice a difference.  The hot flashes are not gone, but they are less frequent and much less intense.  I am sold that this product is making life with menopause tolerable. 


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Summer loving….NOT!!!!

I prefer my heat to come externally from the sun not from the inside!  I am going to give GNC Menopause formula with Black Cohosh a shot at relief from the hot flashes.  Has anyone tried it?