The Heat Is On!




Earlier this past summer, I was driving my car when I was overcome my an intense heat.  I thought, “oh no, am I having a hot flash?”  You can only imagine my relief when I realize I had accidentally hit the button on my seat heater.  My prized option I had to have when I bought this car.  

Fast forward to October, now the hot flashes are real. Once again, riding in my car and the heat hits.  I look and to my dismay, no light on the seat heater button.  They became frequent and intense, interrupting my sleep.   I had heard some reviews about a menopause supplement from GNC.  I have been on them a week and I am starting to notice a difference.  The hot flashes are not gone, but they are less frequent and much less intense.  I am sold that this product is making life with menopause tolerable. 


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One Response to The Heat Is On!

  1. my ears get intensely hot

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