Sleep, Glorious, Elusive, Sleep

Ahh, another thing I used to take for granted now treasure….SLEEP.  Real sleep, snore, dream, through the night sleep.  I often feel like I am awake more than asleep.  Ironically, sometimes, I am not exhausted the next day.  Maybe we just require less sleep at this age and haven’t learned to adjust our sleep patterns.  However, too many days of sleepless nights makes one very foggy, unhappy lady.  It affects my ability to focus and process information which is so frustrating.  Of course, this usually happens during the work week so I can’t even try to take a nap.  

I am fortunate that it is not too extreme for me but I have several friends where they are in a sleep crisis.  One in particular is at the end of her rope, after exhausting all natural options, she finally caved a tried a prescription sleeping pill.  This had the reverse affect and had her hyped up all night.  Has anyone found anything unconventional that helps: acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, etc.  


One Response to Sleep, Glorious, Elusive, Sleep

  1. bonnielk says:

    Ahh…I topic near and dear to my heart. My dad swears by his hot tub, which I could see. It relaxing the muscles before bed. I also drink ‘sleepy time’ tea during the winter. It has natural sleep aids in it. I’ve also heard of brain balancing, which I would love to try, but it’s expensive. There is a brain balancing clinic in St. Louis. It is supposed to map out your brain and re direct how your brain functions with insomnia. I notice I sleep less peacefully during certain cycles of my month, so I dread the thought of it being another hindrance in my already difficult pursuit of sleep!

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